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Azimex Fabrications history

Founded in 1959 as Verity & Gardner, we are your friendly local sheet metal fabricators in Northampton with a wealth of experience. Azimex Fabrications is based in Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northampton. We cater to the needs of many industries and members of the public, taking a more traditional approach with our metalwork - all that is new is not necessarily better!

We work with your ideas to bring concepts into reality. From diagrams, plans, verbal description or even scribbles on a scrap of wood (this is a common occurence!).

What can we do for you?

We will be involved from the very start in understanding your objective and making sure that you get exactly what you need.

You could say that we’re also specialists in last-minute and achieving the impossible - we’re well aware of time penalities within the building sector and we regularly go out of our way to help our customers and find solutions.

We pride ourselves as a company on our creativity, accuracy, innovation and 'can-do' attitude - in hand with excellent customer service you’ll soon be wondering how you ever managed without us!

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