Customised parts for your metalwork needs

Processes & Equipment

We use a range of processes to shape, cut and finish the metals we use, click the method for more information

    • 3100mm Adira Press Brake with multiple tooling capabilites
    • Edwards Box and Pan 2500mm hand bender with removable tooling
    • 2014 Durma 3100mm Guillotine, cutting capacity 6mm steel
    • German-made Rasamax de-burring machine for removal of sharp cut edges
    • Pollard twin pillar drill
    • Brush-effect, polishing, painting and cleaning
    Manual Processing
    • Jigsaw, disc cutters, grinders, drills, dressing tools, tin snips etc.
    Polyester Powder-Coating (PPC) and Sand-Blasting
    • Sourced locally at reasonable cost
    • Pierce-All automatic punch with a multitude of tooling
    • Used in place of welding, bolts etc. dependant upon requirements and aesthetics
    • 2014 Baileigh BS-350M Dual-mitre band saw
    • Perris 300mm aluminium chop-saw with 3m bed
    Tube/Profile Manipulation
    • Ercolina profile manipulation machine - various tools for many profiles
    Welding and Brazing
    • All aspects of welding undertaken on most metals - TIG, MIG, Lift-ARC and Gas (Oxy-Acetyline).
    • We also weld lead

Azimex Fabrications uses a variety of techniques when it comes to bespoke metalworks, the most common method is welding. The metal parts will be assembled and tack welded into place then thoroughly checked for accuracy, before completing with your desired finish, whether it be brush-effect, polishing, painting or cleaning.

Our skilled welders will complete the welding as per the customers' drawings and build your design and custom metal design to your requirements. Azimex Fabrications specialise in the metal preparation, welding and assembly aspect of all your custom metalwork needs. See our gallery of bespoke metalwork we have created.

Azimex Fabrications are experts in bending metals, cutting metal, de-burring metals and drilling metals. These are just some of the many services we offer. Whether it be something small as punching or reverting your sheet metal, we can do it. Contact us today to find out more and get a quote.

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